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I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has shown me any type of support. For a while now, I've had small unofficial shops that I've showcased & sold my work through, but this time I've decided to dedicate myself to reaching my goals as an artist. The main goal being to eventually with time, patience, and dedication, turn it into a full time job. I want to become an independent artists who sells her creations and merchandise online, as well as becoming a full fledged tattoo artist.

If you know me or followed my story I was undergoing a tattoo apprenticeship with an extremely respectable woman mentor/tattoo artist and I was finishing my 6th month when I had several emergency and life just pointed me in a different direction. I had a hard time, but i came to the understanding that it wasn't my time to learn, and with dedication / love for the art I will learn at my correct time. I plan to restart my training and education for it this year in 2018. Launching my official site was one step closer to reaching that.

What's to come / What to expect?


I will be posting travels, experience, paintings, murals, and more on here! I had a huge opportunity last year to take 11 women to my mother's hometown, Cholula Puebla, Mexico. We got permits through the municipal government and painted for the town. That journey will be made into a short doc. in which I'll share here on the blog!! Projects like these is what I wish to show the world through my blog section of my site.


Take a look into what exactly I can do, ranging from traditional art, to murals, to graphic, to modeling, to hopefully one day soon...tattooing.


If you are interested in owning anything created, painted, or designed by me, Shop on my site! I'll be making Open Editions & Limited Edition merch and art pieces. I'll sell originals and more as well!


I have a special project I'm working on with two close homegirls in creating a youtube channel where we'll share with the world what we do. Anything from art, to poetry, to exercising, to advice, and more! That's as much as I can say for now so stay tuned!!

With Love,

Yher Arte

C / S

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